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Whether you’re a member of the LGBTQ+ STEM community or an ally of any kind, you can make a big impact on the success and visibility of 500 Queer Scientists just by speaking out. Doing so in your own words is great, but if you’re looking for suggestions, we’ve listed some below. (Feel free to edit or adapt them.) Another big way to help: Comment on, reshare/retweet, and like/favorite our posts. Those actions boost the reach of our content, and make it clear to others that this issue has support.


500 Queer Scientists accounts:

Twitter: @500QueerSci (please follow and tag us in any tweets)

Instagram: @500QueerScientists (please follow and tag us in any Instagram posts)


Relevant hashtags (use whatever fits your space and message best)






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Sample posts, LGBTQ+ STEM community:


I’m ______________, I’m a/an  ________________ [profession], & I’m sharing my @500QueerSci story because _________________________.


Example (via Lauren Esposito): “I'm queer, I'm an arachnologist, & I'm sharing my @500QueerSci story because I've felt uncomfortable too many times in my career. I have a place in science & I want the world to know we're here, we're queer, & our contributions and discoveries propel STEM forward!”


I’m _________, I’m a/an  ________________ [profession], & you can find my science story on @500QueerSci:




Sample posts, Allies:


I’m a ______________________ [type of scientist/educator/communicator], and I’m a @500QueerSci ally because ____________________.



… science should be as diverse as the planet and people it serves.

… STEM fields need to welcome good brains, not lose them.

… my LGBTQ+ colleagues support me (and my science) every day.


Not in STEM? That’s great too! How about something like:


I stand with @500QueerSci in supporting diverse & inclusive science—because excellence in STEM is critical to *everyone’s* future.

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